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About Us

Chris - Photographer

chrisI have been photographing underwater since I put my small point and shoot camera in a perspex housing soon after learning to dive in early 2005. I have progressed through various cameras since then, culminating over the last few years with a Canon 7D in a Nauticam housing, with 2 x Inon Z240 strobes. My favourite lenses have been the fabulous Tokina 10-17mm fisheye. For macro subjects my choice was the Canon 60mm. I have experimented with other lenses over the years, but kept coming back to these two.

However in June this year I decided to change my underwater setup, and sell all my SLR equipment. I am now using my Sony RX100 Mk 4 in a Nauticam housing, with 2 x Inon Z240 strobes. I have also added the Nauticam CMC Macro Converter, and WWL Wide Angle Lens.

I have loved using this camera topside, and been impressed with the small compact size and beautiful quality photos, so it was an easy decision to take it underwater.

My first experience using the new rig has been our recent trip to Walindi. I am really impressed with the photos. I believe they are equal in every way to those I was previously shooting with the SLR, and the ability to now shoot both macro and wide angle on the one dive (something you could never do with an SLR) is a real treat :) The new camera also gives me easy one-button access to great quality video (but that is Andy's domain so I won't go there)

I am looking forward to doing some more diving over the next few months to further test the setup, but at this stage I will never be going back to a big heavy SLR setup again.

Over the last few years I have challenged myself by entering various underwater photographic competitions, and I have been honoured and humbled to have been acknowledged by my peers and win several awards in prestigious competitions. A list of my achievements appears below.

Andy - Videographer

andyAndy became frustrated when diving with me as he spent an increasing amount of time waiting while I took photos, so he purchased a small Sanyo Xacti camcorder in a housing.

His mantra was "something small and lightweight" but as he became more involved and realised the limitations of the small rig and lack of lighting, he progressed through various upgrades, until his current setup, which is a Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder in a Mangrove Aditech Housing with a WP-90 Wide Lens.

For lighting he uses two Sola 1200 video lights mounted on lightweight flexi arms ( note....his rig is no longer "small" or "lightweight" :)

Topside he has recently started using a Sony Action Cam. He has taken this tiny camera underwater as well, with some very promising results.

Video editing takes up a lot of non-diving time. Programs of choice are Magix Video Pro X3 and occasionally Adobe Premier Pro CS6. Diving, underwater videography and editing are all a welcome contrast to his professional life as a dentist.

Chris - Achievements and Awards


November 2008. Underwater Australasia Photo Contest

Monthly Winner Open Category


February 2009. Underwater Photographic Workshop, Manado North Sulawesi

Winner Best Portfolio


March 2009. Digidiver Best Shots of 2009

1st Runner Up


May 2009. Byron Underwater Festival

Winner Best Portfolio, 2nd Place Best Competition Photo


May 2010. Byron Sundive Underwater Photo Shootout

Winner Best Competition Photo, 2nd Place Best Portfolio


April 2011. Sundive Hotshots Competition

Monthly Winner


May 2011. Byron Sundive Underwater Photo Shootout

Winner Best Portfolio, Winner Best Nudibranch Photo


May 2011. Epson Red Sea 2011 Photographer of the Year

2nd Place Monthly Winner


June 2011. Australasian Scuba Diver TTL Competition

2nd Place Best Portfolio, 2nd Place Underwater 3some Category


September 2011. Sundive Hotshots Competition

Monthly Winner


February 2012. UnderwaterPhotography.com 2011/2

Bronze Medal, Creative Section


June 2012. Byron Sundive Underwater Photo Shootout

Winner Best Portfolio, Top 3 Finalist in Best Macro, Scuba Diver & Neville Coleman Award


July 2014. Lower Clarence Arts and Crafts Annual Exhibition

1st Place and 3rd Place. Open Photography Section


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